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DIE WELT: : an italian way to compares and choose your photo lab.

Friday, January 05, 2007 : an italian way to compares and choose your photo lab.

Here's a little good site that compares for you a dozen of photo development site's prices and let you choose the one that best fits to your needs. You can quickly find the cheaper service and you could see as well the kind of photographic paper that it uses and the way they're gonna send you your photos (UPS or mail).
In the member area I've found two interesting functions: every member can check all the newsletters from all the labs without any subscription to those mails: very useful when you don't want your mail becomes a trash. The second function members have is that they can chat and talk with Skype with all the members of this little community, share information about photo labs and create their own list of labs.
Netvibes module for this service is available here and let you check from your Netvibes page the best prices to develop your photos.

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