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DIE WELT: iPhoto: Apple's vision of the future

Thursday, January 11, 2007

iPhoto: Apple's vision of the future

As we can expect Apple's new iPhone, smashed into the phone and convergent devices market as a stone in a glass of water.
But the iPhone is far from being the perfect device. It isn't a 3G phone, its 8G flash memory is not really a threat to others devices in the same segment and "Apple's bothersome tradition of non-user-servicable batteries continues. There's no reason to do this, frankly, aside from the kind of implied "we're aesthetic obsessives" claim that Apple still gets away with."
But I think that, beside the fact that Apple won't cut the legs to his brand new iPod Video, iPhone is the beginning of the keyboardless devices' era that, in my opinion, will be the former step to the vocal command devices. (American's) big fat fingers are an obstacle to the miniaturisation of components and devices. A touch screen will set consumers free from the dictature of small qwerty keyboards, even if (and that's the point) this handheld iPhone need both hands to play with.
So, when consumers will be tired of choosing between search a contact or drink their Frappuccinos, Apple will serve the brand new "WiMax PowerPhone" that will be guided by means of the owner's voice (and only the owner's one) and that will stay in our pocket or our bag until we'll need to search the Internet for a map or to show it to our (jealous) friends.
It's just a matter of time.

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Anonymous ivn said...

too much soon...

4:47 pm  

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