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DIE WELT: The Venice Project

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Venice Project

The Venice Project finally get me the opportunity to test as beta tester their client and I should say I'm really happy with it. The interface is easy to use and the "superman's cristal-like" animation is something different.
As they asked to be discreet about the fonctionnalities I would not talk too much; I just want to say that if someone remember about an italian early 90's television program called "Mai dire TV" I'm sure he can imagine how funny and powerful would be a tool as TVP that will let users browse amongst hundreds of channels and tag, and share their favorite programs.
In my opinion once all those TV channels would be avaible on the net, we'll be soon submerged by tons of little videos caught here and there from TV and probabily we will see new services and new contents based on the mix of all this material as Youtube today shows how people are addicted to video contents and how they like re edit and merged films and images.

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Blogger Zack said...

Ciao, è possibile ottenere un invito per Venice Project?

3:42 pm  
Blogger Dario said...

sono interessato, potrei avere un invito? perchè nn creiamo un network italiano su Joost?

8:42 pm  
Blogger Salvatore said...

Chi desiderasse degli inviti é pregato di lasciare la sua mail nel corpo dei messaggi postati nella forma [id(at)nome domninio]

9:34 am  

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